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Naruko 夏日防嗮套裝(茶樹面膜4片,茶樹防曬液SPF 50* 2隻)
»     Naruko     »     Naruko 夏日防嗮套裝(茶樹面膜4片,茶樹防曬液SPF 50* 2隻)

Naruko 夏日防嗮套裝(茶樹面膜4片,茶樹防曬液SPF 50* 2隻)


SRP: ₱1500.00

Sale Price: ₱1299.00

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Naruko Tea Tree Summer Sale (4 pcs tea tree mask pc & 2 pcs Tea Tree Sunscreen SPF50)

  • Naruko Tea Tree Anti-Acne Sunscreen SPF50

With physical and chemical sun-block ingredients , enriched with tea tree oil and Salicylic Acid to strengthen sebum control, this sheer, fresh, high SPF sunscreen brings perfect protection for oily, and acne skin against UV rays and visibly evens skin tone.

  • Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control & Blemish Clear Mask 8pcs

This activated carbon mask is designed to absorb excess oil and prevent acne. It enhances sebum secretion control and maintains oil-water balances for shrine & blemish free skin.


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