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京城之霜/流金彈力緊妍面膜 50g
»     Cream of JingCheng     »     京城之霜/流金彈力緊妍面膜 50g

京城之霜/流金彈力緊妍面膜 50g


SRP: ₱1299.00

Sale Price: ₱899.00

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Naruko Crème of Jing Cheng Superlative Gold Aqua-Lifting Mask 50g


Provides instant firming, reduces fine lines, and ultimately increases the skin moisture level. With rich luxury gel-cream textures, it soothes and comforts the skin and helps to restore skin’s elastic and silky touch.


  • Benefits: Improves the skin elasticity and firming, provides the skin hydration and moisture and reveals soft and fine skin.
  • Directions: Apply a generous layer to the face after cleansing. Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse off with water.
  • Skin types: For all skin types.

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