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Naruko Summer Deals (Buy 5 take 5)
»     Special Offers     »     Naruko Summer Deals (Buy 5 take 5)

Naruko Summer Deals (Buy 5 take 5)


SRP: ₱700.00

Sale Price: ₱333.00

Member Price: ₱299.70



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Naruko NRK Snail Essence Intense Hydra Repair Mask

It helps comport skin and enhance its hydrating effect

Benefit: Quickly replenishes moisture and repairs damage skin.


Naruko Rose and BOTANIC HA Aqua Cubic Hydrating Mask

This amazing mask contains active concentrates. It provides intense hydration and replenishes the skin with abundant moisture, helping dull, tire-looking skin to restore its dewy, radiant glow.

  • Benefits: Provides intense hydration deep into the skin, preventing dullness and giving a radiant complexion.


Naruko Narcissus Repairing Mask Set of 10

This mask especially designed for prematurely aging skin. Coordinating with high effective protective and hydrated formula, it cherishes damage and week skin and radiates and healthy shine.

  • Benefit: hydrates, repairs and soothes your skin. Restores elastic skin and prevent skin from aging.


Naruko Taiwan Magnolia Brightening and Firming Mask

This elastic mask is designed for firming and brightening skin. Its anti-glycation and anti-oxidation effects effectively improves skin over all clarity to deliver a bright complexion.

  • Benefit: Brighten correct dark spots and soothes wrinkles.

Direction: After Cleansing, apply the mask evenly onto face for 15-20 minutes. Remove the mask and continue with usual skincare routine.

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